Sunday, April 13, 2008

First Witness

Here is the first target from the first firing of this new Tanfoglio/EAA 10mm pistol. It is quite the death ray. Not an unusual amount of recoil; it's a big, full-size gun with no "alloys" or light-weight material. It is all steel. The 10mm variety has 14-rd magazines.

I fired 100 rounds and had five failures-to-feed. No other stoppages. I used 180-gr FMJ by Remington/UMC and another smaller brand, um... shouldn't have thrown away the box. No problem. Even the best pistols sometimes have a break-in period. Time will tell.

I shoot this gun better than most any I have ever used. I used Roberta's 38-super in February and I just thought it was outstanding, so I made up my mind to get one for myself at the gun show in Dulles this weekend. They didn't have a 38-super, but no problem, you can buy slide/spring/barrel kits for 38-super and 9mm. And for .40 S&W a drop-in barrel is all that's needed. So I'm looking into converting it to all three calibers. That might be interesting.


Roberta X said...

I'm jealous! That's quite the item.

In many ways, this is what the Bren 10 was supposed to be.

Tam said...

Double Tap Ammo is where it's at in 10mm. Tell McNett that Tamara from Glock Talk sent you.

Turk Turon said...

Roberta: EAA shipped the slides and barrels today. I bought four 38-Super magazines at the gun show. This'll be like a Krieghoff K32 skeet set in four gauges. Closest I ever got was owning a Remington M32 in 12-gauge.

Tam: I will get some DoubleTap 10mm ASAP. I've heard good things about about Norma 10mm, too. Ever tried it?