Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Election

7:55 In Virginia, Dem. Mark Warner has been declared the winner in the U.S. Senate race, but McCain leads 56-43 for President so a lot of people are splitting their votes.

8:00 Obama leading in Fla 56-43, dead heat in Indiana.

8:05 Obama ahead in popular vote but trailing 16-3 in electoral college.

8:08 Obama now ahead 76-34 electoral votes.

8:11 N.H. went for Obama!? Uh-oh!

8:21 Networks call Pa. for Obama. Crap.

8:23 Mark Warner is a (nominally) pro-gun Democrat.

8:32 Popular vote nearly even but Obama ahead 82-34.

8:36 My son Chris, 19, is in Grant Park tonight. He goes to college in Chicago.

8:43 Popular vote gap only 6,000 out of 15 million.

8:49 McCain now leads popular vote by 68,000 out of 17 million.

8:53 McCain now leads popular vote but trails electoral college 103-34.

8:55 McCain still leads in Va., 53-46.

10:02 195-70. Oh shit!