Monday, March 9, 2009

"60 Minutes" Preparing Segment on Gun Shows

According to an email alert from VCDL:
Yesterday at the large (and very crowded) Richmond C&E gun show at the Showplace, the CBS show "60 Minutes" was filming a segment dealing with gun shows, gun show legislation, and the recent explosion of firearm and ammunition sales due to concerns that the new administration might be hostile to the second amendment, worries about the economy, and potential terrorism.

I was interviewed at length by Lesley Stahl and I walked some of the show floor with her.

The camera crew and I also went to Dominion Shooting Range in Richmond to film me shooting. Dominion graciously helped with the arrangements.

Some of you are probably drawing in a deep breath about this time, and I thoroughly understand.

However, VCDL has had a policy of being open with the press, even those who have been hostile to gun owners in the past.

Last summer VCDL cooperated with ABC's "Nightline" on a story on open carry, which I thought was very fair: )

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