Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mikhail Levin

The "Russian Heavy Bomber" that I blogged about yesterday is from the imagination of Russian artist Mikhail Levin. I guess the Nazi flying saucer kinda gives it away, huh?

Leaving their secret base hidden deep in the Norwegian fjords.

Here is more of his work. Hi-rez versions are available on his website.

How about a nice Steampunk lighter-than-air ship?

I know there are some airship privateers out there who will enjoy this.

This must be the first class cabin:

I like the ship's anchor; nice touch!

The man has a deft touch with a Wacom tablet.


Joanna said...

Goggles! Where are my goggles?

WV: flysemea -- flys me away is what it does, if I can hit the platform on time.

Roberta X said...

VERY kewl! Flying saucers (just like the Glockes they flew to the Moon) and an airship? Made of win!