Thursday, January 7, 2010

Catching Up

I spent a delightful week in Indianapolis. Flew in and rented a car - the flight was smooth, the TSA was not unpleasant, and even the weather cooperated. It was very cold - down to 6 degrees F one night! - but only a few snow flurries.

Brigid put me up in the spare bunk at Home On The Range. Much appreciated!

Did a little shopping at The Mall Thursday afternoon - eight stores in three hours - and bumped into Shermlock Shomes and the delightful Mrs. Shomes. An unexpected pleasure!

Thursday night it was my distinct privilege to escort the charming Roberta X to dinner at Morton's, where we enjoyed champagne cocktails, seafood, steak, and hot chocolate cake with hot fudge filling topped with ice cream and raspberries! Doesn't she look great in a tiara? To the manner borne!

Sunday was range and blogmeet day. We carpooled with Tam and Shootin' Buddy to Popguns, then on to Brugge for the blogmeet. Roberta tried to get a wi-fi signal on her netbook but it couldn't be done. And friends, if a woman with an Extra Class amateur radio license tells you there's no signal.... then there's NO SIGNAL!

Your humble servant was momentarily transfixed by the beauty of the wall sconces at Brugge:

And upon returning home, I had a new CW key to try out! It's a gem! A miniature straight key, with tiny ball bearings, even! Note the number two pencil for scale. But the 40-meter band was a mess and there was nobody responding to my puny little 100-watt signal. I think I need a new antenna....We also saw Avatar and The Road and bought some new books at the used book store. Bobbi even found a 1966 paperback copy of Colossus! You sci-fi fans may remember the movie version: Colossus - The Forbin Project, about the autonomous missile defense computer that becomes sentient and takes over the world.

Now reading The Last Centurion by John Ringo.


Roberta X said...

It was a wonderful long weekend!

Brigid said...

The kay was really cool. Thanks for my Christmas goodies (bacon gumballs!)

It was great seeing you. You're always welcome here.