Wednesday, March 9, 2011

[Not] In The News

Crazed Gunman Slays Three (In France)

Another Crazed Gunman Slays Eight (In France)*

How do you say "gun-show loophole" en francais?

I read a lot of online news, and I didn't see this covered by NYT, WaPo, ABC, Yahoo, Reuters, CNN or even Agence France Presse.

*More: maybe because the Daily Mail is still archiving it with today's date on it, although it happened in 2002! Grrrr.

The triple-slaying is from last week, however.

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Miguel said...

How do you say "gun-show loophole" en francais?

According tom Google Translate:

pistolet-show ├ęchappatoire

And it is a stupid term in both languages.