Saturday, December 1, 2012

Clark Brothers

This is a venerable Virginia gunshop in rural (although increasingly less so) Warrenton, Va.

Behind the store they operate a pistol-rifle-shotgun range, with rifle targets at 25, 50 and 100 yards.

This is the first five shots from the Kimber .22 at 25 yards. Ug-LEEE!

And after walking the shots in, here is the final group.

But to get that result, I had to dial the rear peep-sight all the way to the right, 54 clicks! And 42 clicks down. Something's wrong there. Obviously I need to learn how to use peep sights. I did have the foresight to keep track of how many clicks I turned, so that I could return the sight to center.

The AR-15 with the scope and the bull barrel came along, too. Here's a 100-yard group. The aiming point was the bullseye in the upper left! So the group center was 5.4" to the right and 2.9" low. My plan is to put 0.010" eccentric inserts into the front and rear scope rings, to shove the scope to the right. Just for curiosity’s sake. Before I touch the scope turrets.


Old NFO said...

That doesn't sound right for the sights to be that far off... I'd take it to a gunsmith and have him check the alignment. Sounds like 'something' has moved or been knocked out of line. Re the AR, that one looks like an alignment issue too!

Ed Jones said...

Put a strate edge on that barrel, sounds like it is bent. I had a Mini-14 like that, I bought it at Tulsa gun show. Could not see it from the outside, put borelite in action and look down barrel, could see it plain as day.

Turk Turon said...

Good advice, guys, thanks.
On the Kimber, I suspect a poorly aligned sight base. Both the front and rear sights are mounted on dovetails, so maybe the dovetails are misaligned. Maybe I'll put a scope on it - there are two more dovetails on the barrel for a scope - and see if the scope also shoots high and left. That would strongly suggest a barrel problem.
As for the AR, I'll try the eccentric rings and see what result I get.