Thursday, July 10, 2008

Radio News

I have set up the ham radio station in the basement. This involved moving the copper ground buss down there, lengthening the coax to the antenna (a crappy little "apartment-dweller's" special, but whatcha gonna do? The big tree died last year and it's gone, and with it, my sky-hook) and grounding all the equipment. Downloaded Dimension 4 (for precision time-synchronization) and HRD and got that working on the PC along with the interface box to the Yaesu transceiver. And then I listened to W1AW to brush up on my code practice. I'm pathetically slow; need practice. Thank God for context; if they sent random groups I'd be lost!


Roberta X said...

Very kewl, though I'm sorry your best antenna tree went AWOL.

Now I'm gonna hafta get my shack set up!

red said...

I've always been kinda interested in ham radio ever since my Grandpa let me play with his old short-wave as a kid.

Is it another expensive hobby that I should add to the list?