Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Guns Stolen From Mexican Police Arsenal

Six thieves wearing police uniforms entered the compound, drove directly to the radio room, tied up the staff, then proceeded to the armory. They took 43 H&K G36 rifles, 26 9mm pistols plus bulletproof vests and grenades. The guards offered no resistance. The State Attorney General's office has arrested the guards.


Old NFO said...

But...but... That CAN'T be right, Hillary herself said all those guns come from US gun shows...

Any bets on money or threats kept the guards from shooting???

The Duck said...

Yeah and when recovered will be traced back to the good old US of A

LL said...

This incident simply underscores how completely corrupt and "broken" the system in Mexico is. And it tells us that a 'hard' border is imperative to our national security.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, John Dillinger used to steal from police armories and National Guard depots. Sometimes you get hard criminals, not the usual soft whiners that populate prisons today.

In fact, a relative of mine was walking back home when Dillinger (may have been Homer) threw the police chief of Warsaw, Indiana down a flight of stairs and stole shotguns, Thompsons, and BARs.

Shootin' Buddy

Montie said...

Shootin' Buddy,

Too bad all the good stuff like Thompsons and BAR's were traded off years ago on MP-5's which have since been traded on M-4's. I'd be tempted to try out for SWAT if I could be the BAR man.


Grenades? Are we talking frags or just stun grenades?