Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Uranian Phalanstery Is Being Evicted!

Founded by Richard Tyler:

Richard Tyler was born in Lansing, Michigan April 1st, 1926. He was the only child to an Artist Father and Mystic Mother. "Richard thought that life was a joke" Dorothea chuckles as she tells me of Richard's days of service during WWII in Japan as a Paratrooper. He was the kind of personality that would end up in the brig for robbing a Japanese bank, "disappearing with piles of void paper money. Guns, blazing to the sky".

And now it's all over.

NYT article.

A blog post about the Uranian Phalanstery.

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Anonymous said...

visited a few times in the 1980s for meditation. VERY INTERESTING. We need more of these