Monday, June 6, 2011

Busy Day

I took an eleven-mile bicycle ride in the Prince William Forest Park this afternoon. It's adjacent to the big Quantico Marine Base. This bridge is over the Quantico Creek. Sometimes, if I'm in a part of the park close to Quantico, I can hear the "pop-pop-pop" of our nation's youth at play.

And this evening I took in a minor league baseball game. This seat cost me $12. I had a wonderful view of a bunt in the fifth inning. The ball rolled down the first base line, about a foot to the left of the stripe. The first baseman charged it, but the batter sprinted ahead and passed the ball before the first baseman could reach it. The first baseman picked up the ball and did a wild spinaround to try to tag the batter, but the batter arched his back and the tag missed, by about an inch. The umpire and the manager had a heated discussion about that play, but I think they called it right: safe at first.

The commercial tie-ins were amusing. Nearly every inning was sponsored by a business or product. The first inning was sponsored by a car wash, "The Official Carwash of the Potomac Nationals." The second inning was sponsored by a cookie company, "The Official Cookie of the Potomac Nationals." The third inning was sponsored by a spa, "The Official Spa of the Potomac Nationals." And the fourth inning was sponsored by Kraft Singles, "The Official Sliced Cheese of the Potomac Nationals."

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