Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Mexican Government Has An FFL

Yeah, a real ATF-issued Federal Firearms License. Is that why "most weapons siezed at crime scenes in Mexico are traced to FFLs"?

Sen. Grassley asks the ATF:

(5) Data indicates that the top source dealer for illegal firearms traced in Mexico for 2009 was "Direccion General de Industria Milita" or the Directorate General of Military Industry in Mexico. They provided 120 firearms that were later traced back, likely after a crime. Why does this entity have a U.S. Federal Firearms License? Are sales to this and other foreign entities with U.S. FFL's included in the numbers the ATF provided as being a gun from a "U.S. source"? If so, why?

It could turn out that the two organizations most responsible for trafficking guns to the Mexican narcos are the ATF and the Mexican military.

From Dave Hardy's Of Arms And The Law.

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Old NFO said...

Figures... sigh... And the last time I looked, there aren't many full auto weapons being sold through gun stores (other than Uncle Sam)...