Friday, August 29, 2008

I'll Bet I'm Not The Only One Who Complained

NYTimes: Complaint department, may I help you?

Turk: I wanna complain about your snide tone in the story about the Texas school that is allowing teachers to carry concealed handguns! You make those people out to be rubes and hayseeds just because of the way they talk. You have a man saying, "Well, I ain't took no poll, but I think so."

NYTimes: Gee, you know, you're right. I'll have them change that right away! Will there be anything else?

Turk: Uh, no. Thanks for the ... uh, you're going to change it right now?

NYTimes: Oh, absolutely, sir! And thanks for bringing it to our attention!

Boy, if life were only really like this!

The revised article takes out the offending quote:

As a general rule, the seven school board members — a collection of farmers and oil workers led by an ambulance medic — have referred all questions from reporters to Mr. Thweatt.

But one member, Coy Cato, gave a short interview. “In my opinion, it is the best way to protect our kids,” Mr. Cato said. Asked if others in the community shared his view, he said that he had not taken a poll, but “I think so.”

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