Friday, August 29, 2008

Madam Vice-President, Isn't That An Aimpoint?

Thanks to Bruce for finding this.
(And the earrings are a nice touch. Way to accessorize!)
UPDATE: From the New York Times:
In November, Ms. Palin spoke at a redeployment ceremony for the company of her husband, Todd Palin, an Army sniper who was awarded a Purple Heart for shrapnel he took from a roadside bomb in Iraq. The governor spoke so warmly to the assembled families, said Ms. Hollier, “there wasn’t one person who wasn’t crying.”
UPDATE 2: The NYT has withdrawn this paragraph; see

UPDATE 3: The NYT has removed the offending paragraph from the final published edition, so I can only guess that the paragraph quoted above was some sort of editing error.

And Breda found this kick-ass video:

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