Friday, February 6, 2009

Amazing Photo

From the wing of flight 1549 in the Hudson River. Damn!


drjim said...

Yow, what a shot! Captain Sullenberger is truly the definition of "A Pilot's Pilot". I heard the recording from the CVR the other day, and from the time he declared the emergency, to setting the plane down in the water, it was evident he was doing a masterful job.

Crucis said...

They should all line up and shake his hand.

When I was in flight school while in the Air Force (circa 1969), newly retired Brigadier General Chuck Yeager stopped at Randolph AFB for refueling (he was working with NASA at the time) and was invited to speak with us. I don't remember what he said now.

After he departed, our instructor told us to emulate Yeager, especially his manner and voice. He said Yeager exhibited calmness and professionalism.

I was dropped the next day because I failed the flight vision test but I haven't forgotten that advice. Sully Sullivan is a fine example of Yeager's legacy.