Friday, February 13, 2009

Tribute To JMB


h/t Say Uncle.

[Update: one commenter on adds this editorial:]
Yeah, but still....!


phlegmfatale said...

Um, is that the Turon cup? I'm gonna have to drive to Indy for a blogmeet for one of those sometime.

drjim said...

Clear grips? They must be taking ideas from the guys that mod PC cases!

JPG said...


I’d think that if one were doing a REAL tribute to John Browning, it’d be as near as possible to the originally adopted version of his Colt’s Government Model. A cut-away to show the internals? Sure, but start with a 1911-pattern frame and slide, with a blue external finish (without the gold accents.) It should have the fixed sights, non-perforated, long steel trigger, narrow vertical slide serrations, conventional bushing, and wood stocks (with a transparent panel, sure.) There'd be NO full length guide rod, ski jump grip safety, mag well funnel, extended magazine, or ambi safety. In short, something he’d recognize as his design, without having to examine the barrel lockup.

I’m sure someone at STI is very proud of their effort, but I wonder what JMB would think of it. Do you suppose the old gentleman would have understood the term, PIMPILICIOUS?