Monday, February 16, 2009

Live-blogging U.S. Airways

The flight was due to depart at 4:11. We boarded at 3:45 and sat until 4:20. Then the intercom announced that the pilot's luggage with his docs and flight logs (or whatever) had been lost, and as soon as said luggage was found, we would take off.

At 4:25 another announcement that another "F.O." was on his way to fly the plane, but he would not arrive until 5:45. So we have all de-planed and are waiting at the gate. It's now 4:35 so it looks like we'll be here another hour, at least.

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Brigid said...

Bet they checked their flight bag with the Jepp Charts and someone lost those. I never let those out of my sight but with the smaller planes now you can't fit them under your seat if you're flying a leg as a passenger. Hope it goes OK.