Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Armed Self-Defense by Civilians

Clayton Cramer's Civilian Gun Self-Defense Blog has hit a milestone: the 4000th documented incident in five years. Some of Clayton's thoughts and observations:

For all the talk by gun control advocates that "a criminal will just take away your gun and use it against you" there were only six incidents in which the defender's gun was taken away and used against the defender. By comparison, there were 183 incidents in which the criminal's gun was taken away and used against the criminal! More startling is that many of these involved victims that were unarmed at the start of the crime.

There were 67 female defenders, and 15 defenders under the age of 18.

Sobering numbers: there were 90 criminals identified as being under 18, and 1009 of these incidents were home invasions--where the criminals intentionally broke into a dwelling that they knew was occupied.

For all the talk of inadequately trained civilians, we have one incident involving mistaken identity.

That's one mistaken identity incident out of 4,000. And that was when a police officer answering the 911 call opened fire on the armed citizen. Nobody was hurt in that incident.

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