Thursday, April 30, 2009

At 9:30 This Morning....

...there was a knock upon my chamber door and when I opened it I saw the Brown Truck of Happiness. Just up from Florida, he was, and he had me sign for an "adult signature required" package. No, he didn't card me. Bastard. Young whipper-snapper!

In the box was:
the EAA Witness 10mm, back from a one-month (to the day!) vacation in The Sunshine State. The cracked slide has been replaced with one of the "Target" model slides with a Bomar-type adjustable rear sight:
And look at the thickness of the steel at the forward edge of the ejection port. Not bad!

Here's another view:

Compared to the original slide:
Same angle, same frame and barrel, but the thickness of the new slide appears to be at least double that of the old one.

This is a bowling pin gun so an adjustable sight is a real benefit! At first I was a bit put-off by the dark finish of the new slide; all of the other slides I own are Wonderfinish - that shimmery gray color. But it looks pretty good in two-tone, donchathink?

And there was no charge: an "in-warranty" repair. Woo-hoo!


Rustmeister said...

How long is the warranty for the Witness?

And, yeah, it looks good in two-tone.

James R. Rummel said...

Good post.


Turk Turon said...

It's a "limited lifetime" warranty. As I understand it, EAA will repair it for the original owner indefinitely. I had to send 'em my original retail receipt and a check for $20 to cover return shipping. The latter is a bargain because UPS Next Day Air is about double that, maybe triple.

BH said...

There's only one problem... you paid for a Wonder Finish pistol and now you are stuck with a blued slide.

garik said...

what is i bought my gun from some 1 else other the original seller. do i need to request an original receipt?