Monday, April 27, 2009

Oh, Hellfire and Damnation!

It's the Birthday of Samuel F. B. Morse!
This statue is in Central Park. Hey, what's that under his left hand?
It doesn't look like a Morse key.
This is a drawing of the original Morse Telegraph.

h/t Clue Meter.


drjim said...

It's a paper tape recorder. In the early days, Morse thought it better to print the dots and dashes, and then read them out.
I never learned the land-line version of the code, but I'm pretty good at CW on the Ham bands!

Turk Turon said...

I was listening last night and heard some interesting stuff:

two guys literally having a conversation, it was so fast. If it weren't for the slight change in tone, you would not be aware of the switch.

a ham with a poorly-tuned transmitter. Every time he pressed the key his frequency changed: "blooooop!"

a ham with an odd "fist": long, long pauses between words, very short pauses between letters and almost no pauses between dots and dashes.

drjim said...

Sweet....didn't know you were a Ham.
I remember you could *always* tell a Cuban station because they all had the same chirp when they keyed up. Bad power grid, I guess.