Thursday, February 4, 2010

Guns In The Medical Literature

There is a new "survey" (apparently this is not original research but a survey of published research papers) on the dangers of gun ownership. I added a comment:

1) These research papers used high-risk populations with extensive histories of drug-abuse, alcohol abuse, domestic violence and criminal records. The research has little to offer about the risks of keeping a firearm in a "normal" American home.

2) Correlation does not prove causation. This is like doing a study to determine how diabetics differ from non-diabetics, noting that diabetics are more likely to possess insulin, and concluding that insulin possession is a risk factor for diabetes.

3) American suicide rates actually compare favorably with other nations where firearm ownership is lower. People bent on self-destruction will find ways to do it even if firearms are not available.

4) A majority of American homicide victims (up to 80% in some surveys) had criminal records, or had traces of narcotics in their systems when they arrived at the ER. Most homicide in the U.S. is criminals killing other criminals.

I should've added that these studies suggest that, if you live in a "normal" American home, with no history of drug abuse, no history of alcohol abuse, no history of domestic violence, and nobody living there with a criminal record, you can own as many guns as you want, and it will not increase the risk of death or accident to you or any member of your family.

h/t Alphecca.

UPDATE: They actually published it.

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