Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Look Out, Wyoming!

The Brady Campaign has Virginia listed in their state gun-control law scorecard in a three-way tie with Oregon and Washington at 17 points.

By the time the Virginia General Assembly finishes its work, the Old Dominion will have a score of no more than 12, and possibly as low as 10. That would put our state in a three-way tie with Wisconsin and Wyoming.

That would be great! A seven-point improvement in just one session of the legislature.

So, look out, Wyoming! And Texas? We've got our eye on you.


Crucis said...

Since the Brady folks are hiding their scorecard, do you remember how Missouri fared? Pretty poorly from the Brady viewpoint I'd expect.

BTW, there has been a rash of attacks in KC by a serial rapist. Gun sales have gone through the roof and the Jackson County Sheriff reports CCW applications have increased dramatically as well.

Hmmm, guess that'll drop us a few points by the Bradyites.

Turk Turon said...

Let's see... sez here Missouri got 4 points, which puts it in a 9-way tie for seventh spot, right behind Arizona, Alaska, Idaho, Kentucky and Oklahoma, which all got two points.

So Missouri's doing pretty good!

Crucis said...

That's good to hear. Now if we can just get Campus Carry passed and a No-need-to-retreat addition to our Castle Doctrine, it'd be much better---for us.

Old NFO said...

YES!!!! :-)

D.W. Drang said...

Now, wait a minute. No concealed-carry-WI scored better (worse, if you're a Bradyite) than first-state-in-the-union to have shall-issue WA?

WV: mermalsa. A condiment favored by Latina sea maidens.