Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Country Trip

I spent a couple of days at a house in the country owned by some old and dear friends. They have offered to let me stay there for several months while I attempt to sell my house.

I took a look around and it is really beautiful farm country.

Great to explore on bicycle. One thing that the pictures don't convey is the pervasive smell of manure. Although at one point I was cycling through a mile-long grove of cypress and juniper's gin and tonic season.

Cellphone coverage is sporadic to non-existent.

This is just the most magnificent ruin I've ever seen. It's almost absurdly beautiful. Looks like it was built that way by Hollywood set designers. Look carefully at the mountains in the background. See the road-cut that appears just below the peaks? That's Skyline Drive, on the western slope of the mountains.

Talk about a property that is "underwater"!

How apropos! Hey, that gives me an idea!


Old NFO said...

Good pics and definitely more laid back than where we are... :-0 I wonder if a bridge comes with that property???

drjim said...

Very pretty. The wife and I are going to go back to the Chicago area this fall to see my sister and her husband. I always thought fall was the best time of year "back home".

Brigid said...

That's a beautiful area. I hope your house sells and you can live where you really want to.