Sunday, April 11, 2010

Turkish Garands

Military parade in Turkey. Anybody have any details on how many they have, and when we're going to get them back?


Ed Rasimus said...

I'd bet these chrome versions are purely for ceremonial duty. The line troops are probably carrying ARs.

Anonymous said...

Not under Obama, my friend.

No AR-15s to my knowledge in Turkey.

The Turks use the G3. I've seen photos of Turk troops with Hk33s and M16s (during the dust up with the PKK), but I think those are border police.

Turk SF use M4s.

Shootin' Buddy

jim said...

Ceremonial or not, they're Garands and they're probably either gifts or loaners from the American taxpayer. When the Turks don't want them anymore they can hire Korean ethicists to advise on disposal.

(Some errors in that report. 1926 is a wee bit early as the M1 invention date. :))

jim said...

Wiki says we gave the Turks 312,430 Garands 1953-1970 Cold War days.