Saturday, December 18, 2010

That Mexican Drone

Tam links to a humorous discussion of the somewhat mysterious crash of a drone aircraft in a residential neighborhood of El Paso, Texas, just a couple of blocks over the border.

Commenter 'TheOtherLarry' adds:

I'm betting they bought it at one of those pesky US air shows, using the air show loophole. You know those drone dealers will sell drones to anyone.

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Brigid said...

Somewher in Mexico, a drone pilot hastily flees the avionics van with 23 of his "close friends" and starts running.

Joshkie said...

Might of been one of ours as part of the electronic fences program we were going to use them to help monitor the border. Haven't read or seen it in the news so I don't know if they reported what kind it was.
Looking it up now.

Joshkie said...

Not ours and was returned to the Mexican government. Himm....