Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Newseum

I got a chance to wander around this museum early this morning.

It offers a wonderful view down Pennsylvania Ave. to the Capitol:

Here's a press vehicle from Bosnia. This thing is heavily armored against small arms and shrapnel, and it just barely made it back:

But the most amazing thing in the museum is the remains of the antenna mast from the World Trade Center:

This is over two stories tall. Photos of the original installation show a TV transmitting antenna called a "bat-wing", and you can just see the shackles that held the "bat-wing" elements to the mast in these photos:

This is the view from the floor above. The trapezoid-like shape within the square base is the access hatch:

There are dozens of newspaper headlines from all over the world, including this one. I can't read Cyrillic letters, but I think it says "Armageddon":

There is some other stuff that's pretty sobering: a photographer actually ran into the buildings to cover the story. They have his cameras in a display case; they're pretty messed up but there were some images salvaged from his digital camera. All that they could find of him was his wedding ring.

Bloggers aren't ignored. Are they covered by the First Amendment, this display asks:

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