Friday, June 13, 2008

The Graduate

Perhaps better known now as "the prequel to the one with Jennifer Anniston and Kevin Costner."
This is Ben; he is confused:
"Plastics," advises Mr. McGuire.
"Are you here for an affair?" asks author Buck Henry.
Why, yes! Turns out he is! Is there a more iconic shot anywhere in the movies?
Ann Bancroft gives him this look (behind his back) their first time.
There are those legs again!
Katherine Ross plays Elaine Robinson. In about five seconds Elaine's world is going to implode.
Don't turn around!
Aw, fer cryin' out loud!
Elaine will never be truly happy again.
Ben goes looking for Elaine. Richard Dreyfus and Norman Fell are no help at all.
Mr. Robinson (the wonderful Murray Hamilton) calls Ben some bad names.But in the end Elaine and Ben are reunited on the bus.
And live happily ever after. Hey! Isn't that Neal Cassady driving?This movie actually stands up pretty well. Good, understated, natural acting; Great cast; Wonderful script; Brilliant direction.

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Anonymous said...

I've always liked that movie.