Friday, June 13, 2008

Manson Family's Susan Atkins May Be Parolled

The LA Times reports that she has brain cancer and has been given six months to live.
Here's a picture of her in 1970:
And in 1985:
And in 2002:Oh, and she had a leg amputated. I wonder if they gave her anesthetics? She didn't give any to Sharon Tate.


Vincent Bugliosi, who prosecuted Atkins, said she deserved the death penalty in 1971. But the former prosecutor said he believed now that Atkins has sincerely renounced Manson and that her 37 years in prison, along with her illness, changed things.

"She has paid substantially, though not completely, for her horrendous crimes. Paying completely would mean imposing the death penalty," Bugliosi said. "But given that she has six months to live, and the loss of her leg, I don't have an objection to her being released."

She committed one of the meanest, nastiest, witchiest, most sadistic effed-up murders in history.

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