Tuesday, June 17, 2008

She Loves You

A bunch of folks on the Washington Post website are comparing their lists of the top ten Beatles songs. The lists are all pretty good, but one comment from "stan3" perfectly crystalizes the way I feel:

Maybe I missed it but as far as I can see no one has mentioned the best Beatles song ever, "She Loves You."

So many of the later songs people pick are only technically "Beatles" songs in that, "Yesterday" is a perfect example, these are really solo performances. But "She Loves You" is the single best example of why The Beatles became what they became, and also the best song EVER about an orgasm. It is a song that - how many others can you think of? - starts with the chorus which virtually explodes out of the transistor radio you probably heard it on if you can remember when it first showed up. It sounded like nothing else we'd ever heard and has never NOT sounded exciting and vibrant right up to this afternoon.

One last note.... EVERY other major band of the time - Stones, Who, Kinks, Animals, Yardbirds, Lovin Spoonful, etc. - had "Greatest Hits" albums that came out around 1965-1966. The ONLY band that didn't was The Beatles because it would have had to have been a boxed set of all their LPs to that point.

People my age can remember being teenagers when "She Loves You" did, in fact, explode out of our transistor radios in 1964. Wow. Perfect choice of words: "explode". That's exactly what it did. Those four guys were supernatural. Three guitars, three voices and a set of drums, that's all they had.

Wait. It's about an orgasm?!

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