Sunday, October 5, 2008

Addicted To Love

Tonight's movie is "Addicted To Love".

Matthew Broderick plays a man
whose fiancée has jilted him
and moved in with another man.

Kelly Preston plays his ex.

So he decides to spy on them.

He soon realizes that he is being
spied upon by a mysterious motorcyclist.

Who turns out to be Meg Ryan.

She is the jilted fiancée of the other man.

And she has loaded the couple's
apartment with listening devices.

He wants his GF back;
she just wants to ruin and impoverish her ex.
Here she has just used her ex's credit card to
purchase a fabulously expensive ring for herself.

The two of them shop for exotic electronic bugging gadgets on "Radio Row" in lower Manhattan, which used to be on Canal Street when I was a teenager; it has probably moved due to gentrification. It was quite a place. You could buy resistors or capacitors by the pound; they had barrels of them. You just plunged a sugar scoop into the barrel and scooped out a couple of pounds of resistors onto the scale. "And could I have a half-pound of dipped-mica capacitors with that?"

This movie has an interesting, humorous view of romantic obsession. It is a good romantic comedy, but not a great romantic comedy. It is mostly a vehicle for the two stars, especially Meg Ryan, who flirts with the camera quite shamelessly, viz:

Well, why not? It's a free country!

Well, almost free. Miss Ryan and Miss Preston never appear in the same scene. Why? Because Miss Ryan has a clause in her contract that no other blonde will appear in the frame while she (the party of the first part) is on screen.

Funniest line: The jilt-or couple is making love very enthusiastically and very loudly while Ryan and Broderick (the jilt-ees) listen in from their hide-out across the street. Ryan is seething with rage, but Broderick clamps his hands over his ears and chants, "She's coming back! I know she's coming back!" Ryan glares at him and says, "Face it, Sam. The only way that girl is coming back to you is if a blast of semen catapults her out the window and across the street."

Now, I'd pay good money to see that.


phlegmfatale said...

Isn't it interesting how what's madcap and sidesplitting on screen when played out by attractive folks will land average-looking folk snugly ensconced in a restraining order or behind bars? That said, Meg Ryan's always been adorable, and she's barely a smidge off Ellen DeGeneresness, imho. I say forget the dumpers, anyhoo.

Paul S said...

I don’t know if you’ll ever read my comment, and I had wondered as I was writing it whether Addicted to Love have been mentioned on any blog, anywhere, in the past year. I would honestly be surprised if it had. It’s sad how quickly a movie is completely forgotten, lost in the torrent. In Addicted to Love’s case, I would say that it’s a grave injustice.