Thursday, October 23, 2008


That's fear of xenos, innit?

Satirical posters and magazine covers - no one is spared:

Lots more here.

From the Panopticist.


James R. Rummel said...

On that last photo, isn't the title of the magazine what got her into that mess in the first place?


Turk Turon said...


During my childbirth classes many years ago (almost two decades in fact!) the moms-to-be had some uproarious jokes and caustic comments about "that thing." Childbirth classes are kinda like adult sex education, and there were a lot of comments from the moms-to-be like, "Who would have thought that something so small could do this!" (pointing at belly). They would look at their husbands and growl.

A few months later, however, after a successful delivery, and holding their new baby in their arms, they were, like, "Thank you, Sir! May I have another!?"

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