Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Risky Business

Poor Joel is Home Alone.

So he checks the personals. "Submissive Sarah"?
Maybe some other time.

Jacki is not quite to his liking, but Jacki recommends Lana.

This is Lana. "Are you ready for me, Ralph?"

"That'll be $300."
"Can I send it to you?"
"Can you send it to me, Joel?!"

Meet Guido the Killer Pimp (Joe Pantoliano).

Great line: "I don't believe this. I have a Trig mid-term
tomorrow and I'm being chased by Guido the Killer Pimp."

"I like you, Joel. Don't you know that?"

"Let's get high and get some ice cream."

If I had to choose between ice cream and
grass I would choose the ice cream every time.

Shopping for mattresses.

The camera just loves her.

The face that sold a thousand Ray-Bans.

Marlena Dietrich lighting, a la Josef von Sternberg:
see the little shadow under her nose?
Brings out the cheekbones.

"Banquet On A Bun?" I'll say she is!

Ahhh... I remember when I was 25.

I had forgotten how hot the "Love on a Train" piece was.

These two are just blistering the paint off the walls.

And that music!

Soon it will be time to say goodbye.

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