Monday, December 1, 2008

Coal Creek Armory's Employee of the Month ...

... is Barack Obama. Check it out!


Brigid said...

The house went totally empty early this morning. Gave me time to catch up on gunny posting, but it's too quiet.

Thanks for the visit with everyone and hope to see you out here over the Christmas holiday.

Barkley has reclaimed your space in the guest room but it's always open.

Turk Turon said...

Loved your Bersa post. Makes me want one. My little 1948 PPK in .32 ACP has a "chamber loaded" indicator in the form of a steel pin that protrudes from the rear of the slide, just above the hammer. Looks like the Bersa doesn't have one. And I wonder if the magazine safety could be disabled? Crap! Now that's two guns I crave, the other being a stainless Ruger Mk III with a bull barrel.

Sent out a resume this morning and two more tomorrow!

Hope to return Dec 26 Jan 2. Boss OOT and hasn't approved it yet.