Saturday, May 15, 2010

Broadripple Art Fair

This afternoon we visited the annual Broadripple Art Fair, a very large outdoor gathering of artists in every media: painting, sculpture, wood carving, pottery and ceramics, photography, etc. Check out this amazing spherical pot: the color inside it is so pure that it doesn't seem three-dimensional, it just seems to float in space. Amazing.

Tam and Roberta peruse an exhibit.

For five dollars, a poet would write a poem just for you, and Roberta X threw down the gauntlet. Here is the poet, slaving over her work.

"What the heck?"

It's a toothbrush holder.

This is a spectacular spherical carving from burled wood, mounted on a turntable above a mirror.

And what art fair would be complete without a guy playing a didgery-do?

By the end of the show, our very own "Alpha Geekette" was laden with mucho art.

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