Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mayor Daley Circles The Wagons

I love the headline: "Daley: City Anticipating Gun Ban Overturn".

A proposal in Chicago to require gun-owners to carry liability insurance.

"You'll have to show that you have insurance before you can purchase and register a gun, somewhat similar to what you do before you buy a car," said Prof. Harold Krent, Kent College of Law dean.

Of course, for a Constitutionally-protected right, licensing and insurance are clearly not permissible. Liability insurance is not a requirement for buying a car, only for operating it on public roads.

Gun controllers like to use the car/gun comparison, but only when it suits them:

1) You can buy a car without a criminal background check.
2) You don't have to show ID when you buy a car.
3) You can be a convicted criminal and you can still buy a car.
4) Hell, you can be an escaped criminal and you can still buy a car.
5) You can buy a car even if you don't have a driver's license.
6) You can buy a car even if you're under 18.

If getting a "license" to own a gun was as easy as getting a driver's license, I doubt that many Second Amendment activists would complain too loudly about that. But I doubt that Chicago is going to do that.

h/t Second City Cop.


Anonymous said...

YEp, but don't count him out. He will be back with some sort of regulations that will imped,hinder, or violate rights to own and bear arms

Ken said...

Oh, I'd complain about it.