Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Travel Notes

I applied one of those rain-repellent treatments ("Rain Clear") to my windshield before setting out for Indy and the result was quite interesting. Even heavy rain beads up and rolls off the windshield. Worked pretty well. I recommend it.

When I asked Roberta X which was the most interesting key in this collection, she did not hesitate.

At the range Sunday, we had, among many others, a Colt Pocketlite in 380, a Colt Detective Special in .38 SPL, a Ruger Mk III in .22-LR and a Kimber Ultra CDP in .45 ACP.

At the corner of College Ave. and 53rd St, someone had renamed the street "Fingerbang Ave." I am informed that this is the name of a fictitious boy-band from the TV show "South Park".

Down the road a bit at Taste, they have the most delicious confection I have ever eaten: bread pudding with chocolate and caramel syrup, slivered almonds and whipped cream.

On the way home, the Garmin GPS routed me through the Cumberland Gap on Interstate 68. The speed limit here is 65. I have just been passed by a Maryland State Trooper, just visible in the fog ahead as a blurry dark shadow.

My crappy old '95 Toyota Corolla purred like a kitten for over 1500 trouble-free miles.

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