Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Beyond Eleven

My new home is on four acres in Warren County, Virginia. There are a few neighbors, but their houses are hundreds of yards away, hidden by large stands of poplar trees.

Today I hooked up my sound system to my computer for the first time since the move. It's an Altec-Lansing gadget given to me by my brother. There's a big floor unit with the power supply and subwoofer, plus two little computer-like loudspeakers. The volume control is a free-spinning digital shaft encoder, and today, for the first time, I spun it fully clockwise.

I kept spinning it until it stopped getting louder, and then I ran.


The furniture is creeping across the room under the influence of the vibrations.

I gave the Rock 'n' Roll collection a couple of hours, now it's time for the 1812 Overture.

Wish me luck. I'm goin' in.

[Fifteen minutes later] Good lord, I'm soaking wet!


Jim said...

Let Mr. Tchaikovsky and all his noisy guns and brass fade into the Russian silence. Replace with a magnum of port and an hour of Brahms sonatas for cello and piano.

I do not feel your relocation pain, but I vividly recall a dozen of its brothers.

D.W. Drang said...

Mahler's 2nd.

Although, yes, 1812 hath it's charms...

Old NFO said...

1812, followed by the Sousa Marches! :-)