Friday, June 4, 2010

From Bad To Worse

It seems that those Google Street View trucks rolling all over the surface of our planet weren't just taking pictures. They were also running wireless packet sniffers, looking for unencrypted personal wireless networks and recording any fragments of data they could as they passed by.

Now the governments of Germany, Spain and France are demanding that Google turn over the data, over 600 gigabytes of it, to them.


Remember in Casablanca?

Captain Renault: "I'm shocked, shocked, to find gambling going on in here!"

Croupier: "Your winnings, sir."

Captain Renault: "Thank you. Everybody out immediately!"

P.S. I moved yesterday after a busy week of packing. Now I have a mostly empty house to clean and prep for sale and, 80 miles to the west, another house to unpack and make a new home. The movers thought they could move my safe with three guys and no handtruck! Au contraire! It's a good thing that the safe has a removable door, otherwise it would still be in the basement! So blogging will return to normal (the usual dull roar, anyway) in about a week. The new place has Direct-TV satellite internet, which is very fast but has high latency (delays), but it's free and is much faster than my tethered Blackberry connection that I have been using for nearly two years now.

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