Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Quote Of The Day

There's a serious proposal being floated to repeal the 17th Amendment. That's the one that requires direct election of U.S. Senators; prior to 1913, senators were appointed by their respective state legislatures.

Columnist Gene Healy picks up the narrative:

Predictably, the liberal intelligentsia has responded with scorn. Of all the "goofy ideas from those lovable wacky Tea Partyers [sic]," John Aloysius Farrell writes at USNews.com, this is the "stupidest." Repeal talk is "truly regressive," even "Paleolithic," Timothy Egan seethes in Sunday's New York Times.

Apparently, the only thing worse than peasants with pitchforks is peasants with pocket Constitutions.

h/t Volokh Conspiracy.

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Crucis said...

I'm for it and have already blogged in favor of repealing the 17th as well as the 16th Amendments.