Thursday, June 18, 2009

Goodbye, Gutenberg!

Absolutely amazing little gadget. It's a pen with an audio recorder inside it. Big deal. But it also has an infrared camera near the point, which records everything you write or draw. And it indexes your notes to the audio, so you can point your pen at a diagram you drew and the pen will play back the audio it recorded as you were drawing the diagram. You can upload your notes via USB cradle, page by page - the pen recognizes when you turn a page. You can word-search your notes and listen to the contemporaneous audio recording.

It uses special note paper, but it's not that special: you can print out all you want on your own printer.

The 1-gig version is $150 and the 2-gig version is $200.


Old NFO said... I don't think so. My luck the battery would die at a critical time.

Crucis said...


I still use a pencil mostly. It also has a error correction function on the opposite end.

OK, it is a mechanical pencil, but it's a PENCIL!