Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Most Heartbreaking Cars Sold In America

If ever there were a threat to the reputation of ’60s British sports cars as the most heartbreaking form of transportation sold in America, it probably would have come from Fiat.

Like classic Austin-Healeys, MGs and Triumphs of the bell-bottom era, Fiats could be lovely to look at and delightful on the road. In particular, they were loads of fun when driven with urgency — ideally with the engine screaming at maximum revs and with minimal regard to the tires’ limits of adhesion.

But they also carried the stigma of being unable to return home from dinner and a movie without an alternator dying, a fuel pump expiring or a head gasket blowing.



Old NFO said...

BUT, when they ran, they ran like a bat outta hell!!! :-)

drjim said...

I put 135,000 miles on my my 1979 Fiat X 1/9. The only time it stranded me was when *I* broke the starter in 1982 by engaging it again after the engine was running.
The bad thing was it took over a week to get it rebuilt, as none of the auto parts stores had one in stock, and I didn't feel like paying the dealer SIX HUNDRED FREAKING DOLLARS!
And yeah, it pulled to redline as fast as an F-15 can get to 50,000 feet!

Rob K said...

Fix It Again, Tony!