Tuesday, June 30, 2009


"Hearsay" is a radio talk show on National Public Radio, based in the Norfolk-Hampton area of Virginia. On Monday, June 22 the subject of the show was guns in Virginia.

"The ads say that Virginia is for lovers, but increasingly, Virginia is for gun lovers!"

Yeah, that sort of thing.

They interview an agent for BATFE, Mike Campbell, who offers an interesting reason for the number of guns from Virginia recovered in New York, and it has nothing to do with straw purchases or trafficking. It's due to the large number of military personnel in Virginia. Many of these people buy guns in Virginia (often at gun shops located nearest to military bases) and a year later they may be transferred to Illinois or New York, the gun stolen and used in a crime, and traced back to Virginia. And opportunistic pols claim that these guns are being deliberately trafficked, when they have actually been stolen. That portion of the show is about 9 minutes in.


Thanks to VCDL for providing the link.


D.W. Drang said...

I think the fact that that fact comes from an ATFE agent should be highlighted. Not to put a warm, cuddly face on F Troop--although many in the gun industry I have spoken to do say that there are, indeed folks in the ATFE who "get it"--but because it makes it that much harder for the grabbers to ignore the fact.

Crucis said...

It goes against the liberal agenda. It'll never make the MSM news.

Just like the EPA suppressing the report that debunked man-made global warming.

Don Gwinn said...

Impossible. The VPC and Bradies wouldn't--I can't do it. But I got close!