Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Threat We Can't Ignore

Have you read the outrageous, disgusting and hysterical column by Bob Herbert in today's NYT? It's just chock-a-block with name-calling, fear-mongering and guilt by association. Clearly, if Mr. Herbert had his way, the NRA would be designated a "hate group" and being a member would be a "hate crime".

An absolutely disgusting diatribe.

I can't link to it from my Blackberry, but you can find it if you really need to feel some outrage this morning.

[Edit: here's the link.]


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Red Curtain of Blook descends across my vision.

He could write the same article and go against the state of mental health facilities and mental health gov't policies in place of the 'threat' of the EVILLLL NRA, and do more good.

Have you noticed that all the shootings lately have been done by actual crazy people?

red said...

If the NRA is a hate group and I'm a member, do I secretly hate myself?

Ugh,I couldn't even read the whole thing.