Friday, October 16, 2009

Fifteen Manliest Smells

Very interesting and fun! From "The Art Of Manliness".

The first fifteen are from the article and the rest are from the comments section. I bolded the smells that really remind me of my dad or my grandfathers:

1. Hardware Store
2. Shoe Polish
3. Cut Grass
4. Sawdust
5. Scotch whiskey
6. Gunpowder and fireworks
7. Original Old Spice aftershave
8. Campfire
9. Barbershop
10. Pipe smoke
11. Leather
12. Your Grandpa's chair
13. Gun Cleaning solvent
14. Charcoal
15. Bowling Alley
16. A construction site
17. Hot solder and vacuum tubes
18. A warmed-up Lionel transformer
19. Burning autumn leaves
20. Bondo
21. Cement mixed in a wheelbarrow
22. Coffee
23. Outboard motor exhaust
24. Old books
25. Bacon
26. The interior of a wooden sailboat (rope, sail, varnish, stale air)
27. Grandpa's garage: gasoline, oil, mown grass and sawdust
28. Gunk (lanolin-scented hand degreaser)

h/t Better and Better.


drjim said...

Oh, yeah, "Hot Solder and Vacuum Tubes"!

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I saw that list a coupla weeks ago. Musty old books do it for me. That and for a perfect grandpa it's Aqua Velva, Vitalis, Lucky Strikes, and occasionally... methane.

Mark Alger said...

Hoppe's No 9.

DL (hand cleaner)

Borkum Riff pipe tobacco

Tom's First Ward Cigar Store, on Main Street in Hamilton, Ohio, circa 1965-67.