Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Unintended Consequences, Part MCVII

Oh, the irony here is so delicious!

Animal Rights Activist Refuses to Let Bow Hunter Retrieve Dead Deer (L.A. Times)

After shooting the deer, the hunter tracked it onto private property. He knocked on the front door and asked permission to retrieve the deer. The property owner, Lynn Gorfinkle, who is CEO of the Animal Rights Alliance, refused. Here's my favorite part:
So the carcass remains in the Gorfinkles' yard, where it has been since Oct. 2. Lynn hopes that other animals will eat it because it is too big to bury.

"If someone's going to eat that deer, I want it to be natural predators, not some hunter," she said.

Her actions, meanwhile, may mean the death of another deer. "Since the hunter did not recover the deer, he did not need to tag it and it doesn't count toward his bag limit," [DEP spokesman] Dennis Schain told Outposts.

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