Friday, October 16, 2009

Re-Examining My Investment Portfolio

They say that every investor should put his portfolio into order about once a year. For me that's easy! Here's my investment portfolio before:

And here it is after:

Everything I will need for a quarter-century of comfortable retirement, all in one convenient spot!

Not shown: coffee and ammo - neither will fit in picture without wide-angle lens.


Crucis said...

You actually eat SPAM!!

G'ma used to fry it for breakfast---served with scrabled eggs 'n onions.

But the Tang's gotta go. Gatorade tastes better.

Brigid said...

So, next time you come out to visit us all out here and stay at the Range, I'll forget the lasagna and the homemade croissants for brunch and have Spam, Mac and Cheese and Tang!

That's easy!

Seriously though, you're smart to have some supplies on hand. I have grain, beans, protein powder, dried milk, water, dried fruit and jerky, enough for at least six months.

And yes the Kraft. Call it a childhood thing but I love mac and cheese, even the boxed stuff.

Turk Turon said...

I didn't show the drums of flour, sugar, nonfat dry milk, beans, rice and oatmeal.

I read an account recently of a man's first year living in the wilds of Alaska. He drank HOT Tang in the morning, for three reasons: it warmed him, it provided energy, and it prevented rickets. Every spring he had the pilot fly in 200 lbs of supplies, and I believe it included 10-25 lbs of Tang. Another popular staple was Bisquik. He got 50 lbs of Bisquik.

Roberta X said...

Left the Spam filter off, hey? ;) We used to have it occasionally when I was a kid, cooked up just like Crucis's G'ma made it. I was out of the house and almost grown up before it dawned on me that Mom kept it handy as backup breakfast meat.

Turk Turon said...

Spam is "back-up" meat for me, too. I don't care for it, and won't eat it. So it stays on my shelf untouched; unlike oatmeal, which I eat a lot of (of which I eat a lot?). Anyway, that means the Spam will still be there as a last resort, when there's nothing else to eat. Same thing as Vienna sausages: last resort rations.

Crucis said...

Well, let's hope then that you'll never had to resort to your "emergency" rations. :-)

I've a neighbor who, fearing a Y2K disaster, stocked cases of '80s era MREs. After Y2K passed, his wife fed him one a week for breakfast. I think he still has several cases left.