Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Elvis Molests Nun, Escapes In UFO

From today's "Yeah, Sure" file comes this report of a home invasion in Detroit:
Home intruder shot, killed in Detroit

A 67-year-old Detroit man said two robbers may have been after his gambling proceeds before one of them was shot dead on the city's west side this morning, according to police. The elderly man who was shot in the shoulder by a gun pulled out during an ensuing struggle, told police two robbers broke into his apartment door at 6:15 a.m. Investigators on the scene this morning said they found scales, baggies and other indications of drugs in the apartment. One of the robbers, a 45-year-old Detroit man was shot. Investigators are still searching for the other suspect.

"But, your Honor, surely the thieves brought the scales and baggies with them!"

Seriously, though, still dealing dope at 67? That's my definition of "gambling."


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