Friday, November 6, 2009

Nice Shootin', Sister!

Military Police officer Kimberly Munley was directing traffic, heard the shots and entered the building, looking for the shooter. She had recently been trained in an "active shooter scenario". The training involved immediately entering a building where there was an active shooter, rather than surrounding the building and calling for backup. She went in there after him, spotted him coming around a corner, and she shot him four times. She was also wounded, but is expected to recover.

Great job!

Here's an update from the NYT:

Update | 1:30 p.m. A message posted on the Twitter feed @hope2forget30, which appears to be maintained by Kim Munley, the police officer who reportedly shot the suspected gunman and was wounded, contains this a wry answer to the question “What are you doing?”

still recovering from a long night of work from Saturday!

And a correction: I said she was a Military Police officer but she is apparently a civilian police officer assigned to Fort Hood.


Lorimor said...

She's my hero.

PRH....... said...

As a former Air Force Security Policeman{1968-72} including stints in Vietnam, I salute this MP. The Military is in sad shape these days, the politically correct infestation of the 4 Major Branches is sad indeed.

45,000 folks on base and this terrorist bastard had free run to kill in the name of his perverted religion, because too few had guns to stop him.

Old NFO said...

She did good! She is truly a HERO!