Friday, November 6, 2009

Open Carry Movement In Virginia

The Virginia GOP has, for years, held an important annual meeting at a venue that bans firearms. The Virginia Citizens' Defense League has complained about the poor choice of venue for all those years, without getting any results. So this year they decided to act.

From the Firearms Coalition:

On October 17th about 250 VCDL protesters gathered in a shopping mall near the Innsbrook Pavilion, the private, anti-rights event center where the annual Republican Roundup was being staged. The well organized protest included a moon-bounce and other distractions set up for the kids, an airplane towing a "Guns Save Lives" banner, and even a hot air balloon proclaiming the same message. Local shops, restaurants, and hotels welcomed the protesters - who were mostly openly carrying sidearms - and even offered special discounts. A good and safe time was had by all.
Nice work!

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