Friday, September 12, 2008

The Palin Interview

Some journalists have said that Palin was clearly out of her depth when ABC's Charles Gibson asked her about "the Bush doctrine." She responded, "In what respect?"

Clearly, said WaPo, she did not know that the Bush doctrine referred to promoting democracy.

Clearly, said the BBC, she did not know that the Bush doctrine referred to preemptive war.

Clearly, said the New York Times, she did not know that it meant "anticipatory self-defense".
Check out WikiPedia. The Bush Doctrine is a work in progress. It seems to me that her response, "In what respect?" was appropriate.
And there was also this from Terence Samuel at Root:
"This is not a civics seminar; it's a knife fight, and the McCain camp is bringing automatic rifles.

"Right now it is not about the American people getting it. It is about Obama getting it. He's getting hit over the head with a baseball bat and looking like he wants to file an amicus brief about it.

"It would be silly to count out the Obama strategists; they have defied every prediction and surpassed every expectation thus far. But watching the Obama response to the Sarah Palin frenzy, conjures up sad images of John Kerry, Al Gore, or, dare we say it, Michael Dukakis.

"Once again, we have Democratic dignity on display. They are taking the high road, constantly acknowledging John McCain's honorable service to the nation and saying that Sarah Palin is a tough and talented politician.

"Meanwhile, on the low road and on their high horse, Republicans are making minced moose meat out of Obama. In 30 brutal minutes during the Republican Convention last week, Rudy Giuliani and Sarah Palin took Obama's anti-elitist, street cred and turned it against him."

"Maybe it would have been better for Obama to have called Sarah Palin a pig, rather than to have spent a day explaining why he didn't. Voters actually respond to that kind of jibe, if they think you're fighting the good fight against people who don't have their interests at heart."
Excellent, Smithers. Release the hounds!

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